Are the glasses FAA certified?

SupportAre the glasses FAA certified?
Aero Glass Staff asked 3 years ago

No. We believe it’s not necessary.  Our solution is not designed as a primary source of navigation. Moreover, there are many devices in the cockpit which assist navigation and improve the user flying experience without FAA certification. Since it’s a handheld device and doesn’t modify the aircraft, no certification is necessary. See  (search for ‘hand-held’ in the document)

section 1-1-18. b.(c).(3)
(3) While the use of a hand-held GPS for VFR operations is not limited by regulation, modification of the aircraft, such as installing a panel- or yoke-mounted holder, is governed by 14 CFR Part 43. Consult with your mechanic to ensure compliance with the regulation, and a safe installation.