You don’t need eyes to see, you need Synthetic Vision

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Have you heard the news? Augmented Reality meets Synthetic Vision and is the next big step in safety and information for pilots.  Over the past decade, GA pilots’ ability to visualize terrain, navigation, traffic (ADS-B), weather, and airspace has become easier, along with improvements in convenience and safety items like emergency, preflight, inflight, and landing checklists. But handy as this information is, accessing it requires pilots to take their eyes off the sky, and often access multiple screens and devices.

As even a HUD (head-up display) is in a fixed location, Aero Glass has integrated all these functions, and made them available to pilots, wherever their head is turned, with 3D, 360-degree perspective, and is premiering its augmented vision glasses, wearable information for pilots. Using Epson Moverio™, Google Glass™ and other head-mounted displays, Aero Glass is the first to bring Augmented Reality to pilots, providing an unparalleled 3D, 360° experience in the cockpit, regardless of the visibility.

An important element of the Aero Glass platform is the integration of the iLevil Series.  Ananda Leon, General Manager at Levil Technology Corp., says, “We at Levil Technology are excited to be part of the Augmented Reality concept that Aero Glass provides.  The iLevil series revolutionized the role of tablets in the cockpit, placing essential flight information at the pilots’ fingertips. The fact that this information is now available in the pilots’ line of sight is simply breathtaking. AeroGlass unlocks unexplored opportunities in HEADS-UP technology for GA and takes your flying experience to the next level.”

This technology, previously available only in specialized military helmets, is now available to GA pilots, and at affordable prices.  Aero Glass is premiering the glasses and software at the EAA Oshkosh show next week. So, if you are in town, come by and visit our booth in Hangar A, #1110. We’ll be selling beta product to the first 200 signers to the Pioneer Program.   Beta testers will work together through an online community and forum to create the final product. User have the unique opportunity to provide feedback and special features of interest as part of this program. This will leading to safer skies for all aviators, as they navigate the skies easily in any visibility conditions.  For those not attending the show, there is a signup form for this beta group online through our survey.